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The process of fermentation is weirdly simple and has been around for thousands of years. Sailors used it to prevent scurvy on long journeys because fermentation actually yields more vitamin C and other nutrients and can last a really long time when prepared and stored properly.


Fermentation also creates a more acidic environment so certain harmful bacteria are prevented from growing and allows all the happy healthy bacteria that heal your gut and your body to thrive. 

After the fermentation process, a jar of sauerkraut can keep in the fridge for around 6 months and the flavor only gets better and more complex!!

I love the process because it uses the yeasts that are on your hands, and on the veggies to make magic. It takes your environment and helps it to grow and flourish. 

For people that have blood sugar or digestive issues, or if you've taken quite a few antibiotics, fermented foods help to rebuild and restore your gut biome. 

Plus, this stuff just tastes gooooood!!!

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